JK Kosher Advantage

What Advantages are there in working with JK Kosher?

JK Kosher is the ONLY recognized Kosher Certifying Agency which is started in India. Other agencies merely send representatives to India as and when needed.

JK Kosher inspectors are either Indian and speak a minimum of 3 Indian languages or they have experience providing Kosher Inspection Services in the Indian-Subcontinent. This provides a comfort level that you can trust in understanding and working through the kosher process. When the person you are dealing with speaks your language and understands your business he is better able to serve your needs.

JK Kosher is a respected name in India and worldwide, providing kosher certification since 2003. You can feel confident that with a kosher certification from JK Kosher your products will be accepted with confidence.

JK Kosher maintains ongoing research and education in the field of kosher to ensure proper and accepted solutions for modern technological advances in product production in keeping with ancient kosher laws.