What is Kosher

A short history lesson for our friends to understand Kosher!

About three thousand years ago a group of slaves were miraculously freed from bondage in Egypt. Among them were prophets who heard the voice of G-d. The greatest of these prophets was Moses, who taught the people G-d’s will and whose prophecies were verified when the entire group heard the voice of G-d speak the Ten Commandments. Included in Moses’ teachings were rituals, observances, and limitations related to food. These people were sanctified by restricting and defining what they could eat.

You may have guessed that the ex-slaves in this story are the Israelites, and their story is told in the Torah- the first five books of the Bible. Today the remnants of the Israelites are called Jews, and many Jews today still adhere to the dietary laws laid down in the Bible, as interpreted and expanded by the Sages of Israel. Kosher is the English equivalent of the word KASHER which in Hebrew means correct or proper or acceptable. When a food is called “Kosher” it means that is prepared in accordance with Jewish Law so that it may be eaten by Jews.