Why Kosher?

Kosher products have a worldwide appeal and not just to people of the Jewish faith. Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Evangelical Christians as well as Vegetarians, Vegans and people who are lactose intolerant (Kosher products that contain dairy or meat or are processed on equipment that processes dairy or meat are clearly labeled as such) all buy Kosher, adding up to millions of People all over the world. According to a Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences study only 20% of kosher consumers in the United States are Jewish!

Kosher products are perceived to be a superior product and sometimes even more healthy. While this is not the intent of Kosher it does create a tremendous market of global consumers who seek out kosher products simply because they know that getting kosher certification requires a lot of effort and strict supervision which in turn means the products they eat are somehow cleaner and safer for consumption. From the Jewish perspective Kosher is simply a set of dietary rules that Jews follows worldwide because G-d commanded them to.

Many companies are often met with the demand that what they produce or sell be Kosher certified. This demand can come from a broker, distributor, chain store buyer, food service establishment, another manufacturer or the Kosher consumer. Hence if a company has the potential to be Kosher certified it is a very strong Marketing strategy to do so.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of products made worldwide which are kosher certified? Why not level the playing field and get into the kosher consumer market!