Kosher Certification Process


In order to have your products kosher certified JK Kosher must first obtain details about your company and your products. We will then call you to discuss the specifics of your particular product and industry. Please fill out the kosher certification application to get started.

After an initial discussion with you about your company and products, the next step is an in-depth visit to the specific production facilities of a product and the investigation of ALL raw ingredients used in the process. Since one plant may not produce everything used in the production of a particular product it is important to investigate each step in the process; from cooking, baking, freezing, bottling, to canning.

Pre-processed ingredients may go into a product which prove difficult to trace or which originate in a country with little or no known supervision. As food science pushes the limits of what is possible every food additive and agent must be thoroughly reviewed. No stone is left unturned in the search to ensure proper adherence to the kosher dietary laws.

The plant, equipment, and all production procedures are reviewed thoroughly by a highly trained individual who has years of education about the rules of Kosher. Each product being considered for kosher certification will be reviewed in detail. In plants where non-kosher foods products are produced using a heat process the entire production line MUST be purged prior to the start of any kosher product line to ensure there is no ‘transfer’ of treif or unkosher foodstuffs into kosher or accepted foodstuffs according to Jewish dietary laws.

JK Kosher understands that allowing a 3rd party into your production facilities may seem like a compromise of security and potentially expose industrial secrets. Rest assured that ALL kosher inspections are performed under the utmost confidentiality for your products, your process, and even the specific raw materials utilized in the process. NO information obtained from kosher supervision and inspections is ever shared with any party who is not directly involved with the kosher certification for any reasons whatsoever. Rest assured that several thousand companies worldwide open their doors to kosher supervision every day and are confident in the process and the security of their trade secrets.

Upon completion of the initial inspection a detailed report will be filed in which the specifics of the kosher inspection team’s findings will be noted. Any corrective actions required on the part of the company to meet the stringent standards of Kashrus will be brought to the company’s attention and verified by a follow up inspection. If found to be in compliance the company will be granted Kosher Certification which Is recognized the world over. Part of the commitment of the company to going kosher is to agree to on-going audits to ensure compliance. Kosher is serious business but also means big business for companies.